NcryptNshare™ is a suite of applications that work with any SPYRUS Rosetta enabled device to allow you to encrypt your files and control access in the cloud or wherever they are stored. It ‘seals’ the file closed and can detect if a file has been tampered with (for instance by malware), and by owning the key, only you control access to the file. RES Disk and RES Pro work with Rosetta USB, Rosetta microSDHC™, PocketVault™ P-3X, PocketVault Smart USB 3.0, WorkSafe™, and WorkSafe Pro™ security devices.

RES4Office™ is the first application that is a Microsoft Office add-on for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. RES4Office allows you to encrypt and share your files and set access permissions directly from inside the Microsoft Office application and share the encrypted file with Outlook, SharePoint, Skype and Skype for Business.

RES Disk™ works by creating any number of virtual encrypting vaults on any memory device such as microSD, SD, USB, computer hard drives, or network share drives that can be shared with other authenticated RES Disk users.

RES Pro™ is a Windows Explorer Extension application that gives the user a right click experience and encrypts any file type and shares it with any other authenticated RES Pro user. This application compliments RES4Office and RES Disk.

Application Software will be shipped electronically.

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