PocketVault P-3X Spring Promo Trial Pack with a 60 Day SEMSaaS Trial


The PocketVault P-3X USB Encrypting Storage Drive is a high-security, use-anywhere encrypting SSD drive that protects data like a bank vault. Just drag files to it as you would with any USB drive and every file is protected in its encrypted storage using a 256 bit key using the strongest XTS-AES mode. The SPYRUS Rosetta HSM FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security controller is also part of the drive and provides strong access authentication and digital signatures for secure communications with remote cloud and network servers.

The SPYRUS Enterprise Management System, SEMS, is the SPYRUS management system that remotely controls user access to, and the operational states of, enterprise-deployed USB devices and security tokens. SEMS minimizes threats of misuse and data loss by malicious or improper user operations by providing secure device management and reporting capabilities. Devices can be managed and audited regardless of where they are located, and the organization’s security policies are enforced whether or not a device is connected to a network. SEMS can remotely disable a device, or destroy its data content and keys, rendering the device unusable. With the P-3X, SEMS can provide audit information to enable you to see and know the names of every FILE that has ever been copied to or deleted from a given drive, critical for regulatory compliance if the device is lost or stolen.

The Trial Pack contains four (4) 32 GB PocketVault P-3X Encrypting Storage Drives and access to a 60 day SEMSaaS trial.